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Nokia 8800 Nokia 7710 Nokia 1101
Nokia 8800 Nokia 7710 Nokia 1101
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moviles, telefonos moviles, nokia, siemens, motorola, Panasonic, Alcatel, Sony, SonyEricsson, amena, ofertas, tienda, alcatel, phillips, movistar, vodafone,
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In times of crisis all our senses are sharpened to save and know what kind of makeup looks good without the need to prove it.

The beauty mobile applications are a very good solution for testing all kinds of makeup , lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, foundations, and even hairstyles that we can look good.

This type of mobile applications allow us to test, criticize and especially recommend other users are testing the products. Today we present our top 5 online beauty applications.

Mary kay is the first application for mobile virtual makeover of Mary Kay. What I like is that you can customize your own photos with unlimited combinations of makeup, blush, lift x bula, eye shadows, lipsticks and even hairstyles, different shades of hair and skin.

You can save your favorite makeovers and products, download a makeover to your mobile device or online shopping the products you want by directly contacting your beauty counselor. You can also share your photo on social networks. Besides all this, the application contains a tutorial in which you live can make up step by step.

Lancôme : It has a free application with which you can test your products by simply sliding your finger over them. What I like is that you can try each of the colors of their makeup , tones, shadows, blushes, on models also assigned or uploading a photo own .

Sephora also has in its English version free access through which you can know every one of the novelties of all its products . What I like is that it is possible to buy, compare, and recommend your favorite products to other users.

Opi , looks an application with more than 200 colors where besides seeing all shades, and save your favorites in your personal panel. What I like is that you can compare each nail with your skin tone length of your nails .

With L’Oreal you will know each product innovations. What I like is that you can make yourself a diagnosis of your skin totally free .

There are many other payment applications in which you can discover how a haircut you have left, a hairstyle or a new look. Among them you can find Hairstyle , or if you prefer also analyze your skin type, there is also Love my Skin from € 0.99.

Mobile Marketing Strategies for local businesses

Mobile marketing strategies for local businesses

Mobile devices have increased marketing capabilities to attract and retain customers to Your Business Digital. At the same time, it has been a challenge for companies that have changed their strategies to target a mobile user.

Now, the key for success is not to reach a large number of people, but reach the target audience, so personalized and direct communication is essential to capture the user’s attention and get their loyalty.

There are many Mobile Marketing actions that could help to increase sales of your business. Consider some of them and see which one is best suited according to your type of business:

Landing Pages

Widely used to increase the database of potential customers, for registration to a newsletter, even to enter a contest or to receive additional information. It is a landing page to which you reach after clicking on a link. The most important thing is to make a landing adapted to mobile devices, especially if we sent the link from an SMS, so that the user can view right from your mobile.

Push Notifications

They are messages that appear on the lock screen mobile. They are very economical and practical to send updated information from a Passbook, an app, etc. They have great advantages, as it is not necessary to have a list of subscribers, but are directed to the Passbook app or directly. It is a very useful way to filter users demographically and ship age, geographical location, etc. Do not lose sight that has great potential.

Passbook with GeoLocator

Mobile App to store coupons discounts, event tickets, etc. You can create a Passbook and send it through an SMS. The user will receive the SMS with a link, which will redirect pressing your Passbook app and store it . If this voucher contains GeoLocator, when it passes near the property, you receive a notification to your mobile to remind you that you have the coupon. Used for local businesses in the textile sector, hospitality, beauty as well as specific campaigns like Valentine ‘s Day, Mother ‘s Day, etc. offering discounts and promotions. It is also very useful in low seasons and times of lower sales to strengthen them with promotions. You can create as many as you want from the free Mobile Marketing platform


Immediate, direct, economical and with an opening rate of 90%. This is the SMS Marketing. To this, we add that no internet connection needed, so the range is higher. The SMS has great potential in Marketing. And not have to act alone; An SMS can integrate a Landing Page or Passbook, which multiplies your chances. The automotive and textile sector is using SMS Marketing as a means of promoting their products and services.

[Tweet “Immediate, direct, economical and with an opening rate of 90%. This is the SMS Marketing #Ubicual “]

In conclusion, we can see that there are many mobile marketing services that can help boost sales of your business, especially coordinated. It is therefore advisable to use an integrated platform that contains all services in one and thus manage the ROI more easily, instead of having several platforms for each of them. This saves time and money. As for companies that do not yet integrate mobile into their marketing plan, they are in time to embark on this challenge because otherwise, they will be turning their backs on a large part of your potential customers.

6 Free Books about apps and mobile marketing

In just two years, the penetration of use of smartphones and tablets in Spain rose from 49% to 84% , to stand ahead of neighboring countries like Germany, France or the United Kingdom, according to the report ” Persuade customer ” Accenture and Ametic. the 82% of Spaniards that connects to the Internet makes it through a smartphone , and there are already four million tablet users.

This scenario creates a new context that is changing the way consumers are informed, entertained and buy. And change also models communication and marketing .
Here are five books free download applications and mobile marketing to catch up : each focused on a particular aspect of this mobile paradigm, with case studies to inspire and learn the latest trends.

  1. “White Paper on mobile websites”

Developed by the Mobile Marketing Association Spain (MMA Spain): to start from scratch and understand what a mobile web and what is , types of mobile websites and differences between mobile web app and native app. And from there, move forward and meet basic guidelines for mobile SEO, business models and make it profitable mobile payment systems . Beyond theory, the book also provides clues about design, usability, programming languages ​​and possible features of a mobile web as well asmethodologies and measurement tools . It also includes 20 cases of successful mobile websites that exemplify everything explained above.

  1. “White Paper apps”

An essential guide to learn how to create, publish and measure and analyze the results of an application , which also bears the stamp of the MMA Spain. The book details the ecosystem of the value chain of mobile applications , types of possible application, according to the objectives pursued and the techniques of app marketing to be developed to publicize the mobile application and get users the download. It also includes a specific section on methodology and tools for measuring consumption of applications and analysis of 23 examples of mobile applications developed by brand, in different categories.

  1. “The definitive guide mobile marketing”

A complementary view of the mobile ecosystem, developed by Netizen. To understand what is the responsive design, how to adapt the web to mobile and why sometimes it is not advisable toimplement this adaptation. It also details how to use mobile apps as a marketing tool , from design strategy to launch its positioning in the app store.And devotes special attention to the implementation of mobile marketing QR codes, augmented reality, SMS marketing, and Mobile advertising , with practical examples.

  1. “A complete guide for mobile marketing for 2014″

To take a step forward and identify trends in marketing and mobile advertising planned for this year: the momentum of Mobile Real Time Bidding, the role of emailing, emerging formats booming mobile advertising and mobile applications . It incorporates a specific chapter on the new features Apple IOS 7 operating system and the iPhone 5S and 5C, and how to maximize application downloads from app stores. The guide is dearrollada by mobile marketing platform TapSense.

  1. “Connecting QR Codes With Consumers”

To take full advantage of QR codes, if you did not have enough with the previous guide. It includes information on generating QR codes, techniques to apply them correctly, how to socialize and capture traffic code . With success stories to take note of the best practices. The guide bears the stamp of HubSpot.

6. “Bared to you” by Sylvia Day

Bared to you is an adult romantic novel released 2012, read bared to you pdf here.


Get Fit: Five applications to control your weight with mobile

Just January and with it our special dedicated to getting in shape . In previous installments we talk about video games to keep the line , mp3 players to listen to our music and also preferred headphones for sports .

Today we have to conclude this special with mobile applications . Many of us already have a smartphone and used apps on it all: photo sharing, to chat, read the news … However, we can also use it to help hold the line, let’s see.



If we are following a diet, sure we weigh daily. There are many forms of tracking: eg scoring each record on paper, Weigh Scales. However, Weightbot for iPhone offers a different alternative. Very simply, this application allows us to control the weight of each day and follow a clear and intuitive way.

In addition, we can export it to CSV if we want to work with this data in the computer, or we can protect the application with a password for the rest see nothing. Essential if we are very strict with our weight control.

Endomondo Sports


When we go to play sports, there are many ways to keep track of what we do. One of the most comprehensive is Endomondo Sports : either walk, run or go with the bike, we know precisely how and where we travel.

It also allows us to keep a diary of all our days and know over time if we have done a lot or a little. When calculating our routes is quite accurate and if we go much exercising is an application that can not miss us. Available for Android and iPhone.

Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter

Another application is a must for all those who follow some type of diet. Calorie Counter allows us to keep track of what we are eating every day and therefore we support doing calculations with meals we are doing throughout the day.

Like other applications that we have seen, they recorded all day and we just have to gradually introduce what we eat so that the app takes charge of all the calorie calculations. Available for Android and also free.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

To finish our list of five applications for exercise, we leave you with two very entertaining that will make losing weight is very simple and fun. One is Zombies, Run! we will not realize the role of a survivor of one zombie plague .

We put on our helmets, we started with the application and enter the game. We will have to run, while the headphones hear the undead. We’ll have to get away from them, pick up objects as run and survive. Sports and play together in an application worth trying. Available for Android and iPhone.



Another application to make the sport more fun is Fitocracy. His proposal is simple:make our routine activities in a game where we complete tasks as go up in level, unlocking skills and medals …

The game is attractive and also serves as a social network so if we engage our friends can motivate us more to go by a little exercise every day. As the above, it is also available for Android and iOS. Which do you stay?

Top 5 App For Watching Movies And Series

The mobile applications have become a boom in every home that has a device address , as these allow us to do anything we want and make life much easier for certain things. Thanks to technology and the Internet today we can do what we set without much difficulty, with just a touch and we’ll be downloading the magic application to do what it costs us so much; because although some are experts with smartphones , some are not and this is a great help to handle all of a practical and simple way.

If you do not know well what are we explain that mobile applications are kind of programs you can download to your phone later to perform different actions such as banking, document review, email and others.

So if you want to know what these are apps for that we are talking about it is better to continue reading …

Below we recommended top 5 best applications to Watch Movies Online.

5. Netflix:

It is an application of films and series ideal for movie buffs of the world, you can enjoy the best releases of movies and new episodes of your favorite series at any time of day. You just need to subscribe and have the opportunity to enjoy one month free trial entirely , if you want to use it permanently you have the option to purchase a membership and enjoy this excellent service by the time you want. The best thing about this service is that it is available for viewing on TV. This app is available in stores your operating system and can be downloaded for free.

4. Crackle:

Another excellent application for watching movies on your electronic device, the difference is that Crackle is free and also has a website for watching movies or series from your computer www. crackle .com. You can see the chapters of your favorite series from your phone completely free, what better than this? The only negative is that is not available for all countries .

3. Movies Online:

This app despite having an interface and method of use quite simple , is verycomplete . Movies are organized by categories to facilitate your search and it is 100% free. This improves things completely, but if you watch the movies recommended to have Wifi to avoid failure in the reproduction of the same.

2. TV Series:

Because you might want to watch movies but not your standard favorite we bring this application. Like the previous it is completely free so you can enjoy the best cartoon series and without a glitch. You can organize your favorites by categories for greater organization and find an easier way. The interface of this app is also quite simple but it does the job: Watch online series!

1. Project Free Tv

Project Free Tv takes matters of Intellectual Property very seriously and is committed to meeting the needs of content owners while helping them manage publication of their content online. It should be noted that Project Free Tv is a simple search engine of videos available at a wide variety of third party websites.

Any videos shown on third party websites are the responsibility of those sites and not Project Free Tv. We have no knowledge of whether content shown on third party websites is or is not authorized by the content owner as that is a matter between the host site and the content owner. Project Free Tv does not host any content on its servers or network. To get more detail of this app, please visit

This app is compared with Netflix , so it seems pretty good. It consists of 44 languages ​​and is available for operating systems Linux, OS X and Windows .Although he has had several legal troubles this app is still standing and allows us to enjoy many movies and TV shows that are booming.

These are some of the applications most popular place to enjoy a good movie through your phone, computer or tablet one must choose one of the options and voila. Make sure they are available for your operating system and you can download them entering certain stores applications on your device, just go, looking, press download and enjoy!

As you can see, now all we need for there is an application , either to talk through IM, play, read, record videos or just to see movies . Yes, the latter could not miss is that who does not love lie a whole afternoon to watch movies and eat some pop corns ? We are confident that this is a favorite hobby of many people around the world and as a result there are mobile applications for watching movies from our electronic device.

This is ideal for people who do not have a TV but a smartphone, tablet, iPad or other cases of travel in which you’re bored and do not know what to do. Movies or TV shows are always a good option to kill boredom and distract a little from stress and everyday life.

Do not forget to use any of these applications must have 3G, 4G or WiFi , although the latter is the most suitable for enjoying movies without interruption, will also allow you to save your phone data a thousand times.

The best apps to watch TV series and movies on Android


Years ago we already started to talk about Android and the series. In fact, we have already published several articles on our, Android devices including some special applications of series .

That is why today we bring you a compilation with some of the best apps to watch movies on Android devices..

Google Play Movies

If you need to start by any app it should be by the official Google. This application will allow us to see more than 600 series, watch Free Movies Online and many Marvel films. You can achieve resolutions up to HD. The application is free, having to pay only for the content that you want to see.

Google Play movies
Requires Android varies according to the device
Version: It varies according to the device
Size: Varies according to the device


Yomvi capturas

Application of Canal + is another legal option we have on watch series and movies in Spain. Not only can see series and movies, but also several channels of live TV. It all depends on package of Canal + that you have hired.

It requires Android 4.0 and higher versions



VIKI works as we are used to using YouTube. The application is divided into 5 tabs: featured, shows from television, music, news and movies. In Viki we can find all kinds of material, but the truth is that you can not expect to find many familiar things. The strong point of Viki are subtitles.

VIKI – TV and movies
Requires Android varies according to the device
Version: It varies according to the device
Size: Varies according to the device



Who doesn’t know this portal? I think that almost all of know them: a private social network for watch and download movies, documentaries, programs and series you can enjoy if you have an invitation. And they have application for Android. Without a doubt, a must have. Updated: Unfortunately the website is no longer available.

Free TV


This is an application for what its name indicates: an app that offers a remarkable amount of channels, all Spaniards, including the majority of regional chains.

Download TV

Series Guide

series guide

This application allows us to see both films such as television shows, including series. We will also have the option to subscribe us to have additional functions.

It requires Android 4.0.3 and higher versions
Version: 25.0.2
Size: 5. 4 M


It is a customizable web service by which you can watch to which TV series you downloads (and a long list of alternatives of discharge), allows you to download series that you follow, links, stream, torrents, subtitles available, news… that Yes, perhaps with a rather outdated design.

Project – Free TV

project free tv works both for tablets such as smartphones, allowing us to watch series we want to. The first thing that we are starting TV Show Favs is the menu with 5 tabs:

  • My Shows
  • My Agenda
  • By make
  • Most popular favorites
  • My Tags
 Requires Android 4.1 and higher
Version: 3.7.5
Size: 8. 4 M
These are just an example, we can find many apps for this purpose. It is enough that you take a look onGoogle Play, although some such as SeriesDroid do not have the latest version there. What is your favorite?

Apps to test looks

Feeling comfortable with our appearance is important, but it is also good to innovate to be fresh and trendy. If you want to try a new hairstyle or style, the technology is very useful.

Instead of testing and end with green hair or a court that does not favor you, you can use some of these applications at to test different looks from your Smartphone.


Hairstyle Makeover

Go to the hairdresser with idea of haircuts, to leave almost crying to notice that does not favor you, it is an experience you do not want anyone. Rather than try and suffer, use the Hairstyle Makeover application.

Free and available for iOS devices, this app is very simple to use: just take a picture of your face or use any stored on your phone, then to try different styles of hair on it.

Selects between a lot of cuts, which are organized according to sex, long and even some crazy and daring hairstyles. In addition, Hairstyle Makeover brings tools to perform small changes manually, such as shortening the hair or change its color.


A new look, is only for styling, but also for the makeup that we use. Instead of investing in new products to try on the face, you can do it virtually.

The free app makeup, available for Android and iOS, offers you to simulate on a picture of your face different types of makeup; from foundations and concealers to lipsticks and shadows.

In makeup, you will find different color palettes and sets that could stay well, creating aharmonious look. Also, you may try other styles used by celebrities.

As a plus, make-up also offers hairstyles to complete the perfect look.


Hair Color

Not all hair colors most people favor and, it is necessary to try to find the most suitable, but tinturar us not only damaged the hair, but that may end in a disaster.

The Hair Color for Android and iOS application, allows you to try different shades of hairwithout going through the beauty salon. You can use both natural colors, as well as playing with other more creative and artificial.

Colors, are tested across a photo and, as well as shades, can add reflections and Wicks, to complete the look that you are looking for. On screen, you can compare the before and after.

Hair Color not only lets you test hair colors, but it also accessory who complete this change of image you want. Once you finish, the application allows you to share the results with friends, either by e-mail or on social networks, so you get a second opinion.

What do you think of changing virtual look? Do you use an application to try new looks?



The Cannabis Magazine App is the first of its kind carried out for the English-speaking public. The application offers for free the largest collection of articles in Spanish devoted to cannabis and other substances.

This version of the application includes:

-Document database of articles. Categories: Activism and associations, cooking cannabis, cultivation, Cannabis history, tasting, legality, Psychonautic, medicine and pharmacology. Frequent updating of content.

– Daily news.

-The Guide of cannabis from Spain and Portugal, is a powerful search engine, thanks to which we can consult all businesses related to cannabis in the Iberian Peninsula.

-World map of associations.

-Manager of query and download ancient numbers (free).

-Purchase of online magazines via

-Possibility of subscription to the paper magazine.

For more information visit Google Play

Download the App for Android of Cannabis Magazine and get a weekend in Spannabis 2015 for two people!

Everyone who is downloading the application and leave your opinion and valuation will participate in the draw for a weekend in Spannabis.

The award is for two person and includes: entrance of 3 days, 2 nights accommodation in a double room and breakfast at the hotel next to the Spannabis trade fair, which will be held on 20, 21 and 22 March 2015 in Barcelona (Spain).

Information about Spannabis


toshl finance

I’ve always liked take control of expenses, especially when you don’t tend to make ends meet, excel sheets have been very helpful so far, but may be somewhat cumbersome for a home user, alternatives much more easy to use and mobile.

Today I’m going to tell you about an application for domestic accounting which I have begun to use, Toshl Finance.

Toshl contabilidad

At the moment the feelings are very good, it is a very simple application, that is what it is, to my particularly like it simple and not to waste time in a multitude of options and finding out how to use an application. Toshl Finance meets these requirements, nothing more open it you know that you have to do, anyway I will explain briefly how it works.

For now say that it is cross-platform, i.e. you can use it on the IPHONE, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and from your own web

If you want to use several devices at the same time your Quickbooks Bookkeeper will be synchronized between all through the website of the application, in this way you can manage it from any site or device.

To start it just there to add an entry, for example your salary and already you just have to add expenses, which will automatically subtracting them and can see in the section “sum” the budget that is available to you. Another option is to assign a budget to one or more charges, so let us know when we have achieved it or even, in the case did not reach to spend it, assign it to the budget of the following month.

If you think interesting you can start to use it from your own website on your pc or download it in your app store for use in the mobile

Gestate law against theft of mobile phones in New York

The Prosecutor General Eric T. Schneiderman announced today, together with the Congressman from the Israeli Lawyer and the Police Commissioner of New York, William J. Bratton, a new Bill which will be introduced by Congressman Serrano in the United States House of representatives, which would require a switch to smartphones to deter thieves and help put an end to the violent epidemic of theft of smartphones.

The Attorney General Schneiderman announced that Commissioner Bratton has joined the initiative to ensure our phone smart (SOS), an international coalition of prosecutors, police chiefs, attorneys general, public officials and activists who defend consumers, working to encourage the smart devices industry to implement meaningful solutions to stop the epidemic known as “Apple Picking” – the theft of most popular mobile communications devices such as smart phones and tablets. The project of the Chamber announced today follows the introduction of similar law adraft announced last month by Senator Amy Klobuchar.

The announcement was made at an event in New York, where Attorney General Schneiderman, Congressman Serrano and Commissioner Bratton joined Richard Aborn, President of the Commission of citizens against the crime of the city of New York, and the family of MeganBoken, who was killed during a robbery of Smartphone in 2012.

“Since last may, the initiative to ensure our phones smart has urged distributors and manufacturers to install technology at the level of the entire industry that would put an end to the epidemic of violent robbery of smart phones. “I applaud Congressman Serrano for presenting this project camera and put on because avis smart phone industry that the industry is not acting, Congress is about to act with legislation that protects consumers instead of the profits of some companies”, said Attorney General Schneiderman. “I also want to thank Commissioner Bratton for his decades of service and welcome you to the initiative, which is helping save lives and make our communities safer”.

“It is time that companies selling of smartphones and the fabricantestomen seriously the protection and safety of its customers”, said the congresistaSerrano. “This legislation will ensure that consumers have to deprotegerse themselves by making useless their smart phones if they fall into the hands of criminals. This is the most effective way to prevent the theft of smartphones. I am grateful to the Attorney General Schneiderman for his leadership on this important issue, and I’m happy in joining him in this effort “.”

The Police Commissioner of New York, William J. Bratton, said, “I am proud to be part of this global initiative that focuses on foiling crimes mainly driven by Smartphone theft. New York Police has pledged to protect the public from crime affecting citizens who choose to use new technologies as a form of communication. This legislation properly requires a collaborative effort between mobile manufacturers, consumers and the forces of order in order to reduce drasticamentelos crimes associated with the theft of cellphones “.”

Senator Klobuchar said, “cell phone theft has become a big business for thieves looking to take advantage of these devices and any valuable information they contain, costing consumers more than $ 30mil millions each year and endangers countless victims of theft. This legislacionayudara to eliminate the incentives so that criminals attack smartphones through the empowerment of victims so that they can take action and keep your private information, protect your identity and finances, and make the phone inoperable for thieves”.

Richard Aborn, President of the Committee of citizens against crime in the city of New York, said: “cell phone theft is a problem of rapid growth in New York and across the country-. A crime that often involves violence and needs a serious response. We applaud Rep Serrano on this important Bill and Attorney general Schneiderman for his continued leadership in preventing theft of smartphones and related crimes, together with Commissioner Bratton, now we have partners who take measures to stop the theft of smartphones and violence resulting in three levels of municipal Burundi State and federal. We encourage Congress to act quickly on the bills presented by Congressman Serrano and the Senator Klobuchar to provide a useful deterrent element, and remove this worrying trend”.

Not turn off mobile, who begins the movie: ‘App’, a history of terror in your Pocket

A modest Dutch production invites you to be part of a history of terror. Be sure to load the mobile before going to the cinema or watch it at home, because the same malicious application that pursues the protagonist you will start sending disturbing messages. A narrative experiment that will make you the creeps. Do you dare?

¿Querrías vivir la misma pesadilla que el protagonista de una película de miedo?

‘App’ is a different fear. A Dutch production that technology becomes protagonist, following and altering the steps of Anna, a young college man, after downloading an app called Iris (Siri backwards), see how your day to day turns into a hell.

IRIS has taken total control of life Anna, makes live really unpleasant situations, the notes in their most intimate moments, and gets, inexplicably, the people most want it to begin to die. She has to do everything possible to stop the nightmare.

The viewer can also live the same nightmare, and depends on it that is completed. Just go to the movies or watch it at home; sitting up, download the application and expect that the film begins to open the ‘app’ and keep your hands away from the microphone (this step is very important).

“The best is to leave the phone on your lap or the hands” and enjoy the moment without thinking very much in the process, explains to its director, Bobby Boermans. Then, when the viewer less expect it, your ‘smartphone’ will vibrate. On the small screen will begin to appear in elements that are part of the history (text messages, images, scenes…) and will have to interact with them. If you dare…

“Creates a terrifying experience and creates tension,” says Boermans. It is possible thanks to the ACR technology, which allows the mobile to recognise sounds collecting frequencies that the human being can not see the microphone. They are signs that indicate you should send a message. In this way, mobile and film are connected, and the additional contents appear gradually, programmatically, as the story unfolds.

“This is a technology that is commonly used with television shows, but that had never been used with movies at least in the Netherlands”, assures. It is a way to ‘storytelling’ have something in a different way and exploit (this time for real) one of the dozens of applications downloaded on our mobile phone and often left abandoned.

El móvil y la película están conectados para mostrar contenidos adicionales

The mobile and the youtubeonfire are connected to display additional content


‘App’ is a film that was seen using two screens, although it is not the only nor the first (there are several previous experiences). This aims to achieve the goal that the Viewer as if it were a character, in the history. Want to cause “maximum immersion” and making the user think: What if your phone take care of your life? “At the end and all, is something that happens in reality: we are all glued to the phone, and that may have consequences”, says Boermans.

The director admits that not everyone is going to feel comfortable using the telephone while watching a movie.So wanted to try first-person experience. Did it from Movie Tube, to understand the results on a large scale: called spectators, made them see the movie, and he sneaked into the room to recreate the experience and observe the reactions of people.

“Interestingly, the response was very positive,” tells us. At the beginning, when viewers are informed that he could use the phone, “they looked with the face of strangeness”, but followed the instructions “and enjoyed the moment. “Trapped in every scene”.

El contenido de la película no debe depender del teléfono móvil

The content of the film must not depend on mobile phone

Who do not want to use the phone can see the film and also understand the plot. “That is intended from the beginning,” explains the director. “We could create a movie that depends on the application. The film had to run itself”.”

The ‘app’ adds “narrative bits”, sum experience to the the full story, “adds attractive pieces, but does not make you dependent on it.” That is precisely the most complicated work. “It is difficult to make it work, you need a smart Edition”, adds Boermans. You have happened otherwise, many people would rather not go to the movies: “We knew that not everyone would accept this strangeness of use the mobile” in a moment of (alleged) disconnection.

Cualquiera puede seguir recibiendo mensajes siniestros en casa, cuando vea la película desde su salón

Anyone can continue receiving messages claims at home, when you see the film from your living room

In addition, Bobby Boermans wanted the Viewer to continue playing and having fun with the ‘app’ after seeing the movie. They worked on it while its production is very modest, something that “no one appreciated due to its quality”. So after seeing the tape, when you are calm at home or walking down the street, ride you with eye because your mobile will continue sending disturbing messages. Do you get a little scared? Quiet, if you want to leave the film only you have to disable the application.

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